Acid staining interior concrete


One of the reasons acid stained concrete is so popular it's because how it beautifies concrete in such a simple way and no other product can provide that look. No mater how hard other products try to imitate this finish, nothing does the same. Interior concrete is the perfect surface for acid staining, usually interior floors are finished smooth, they have not been exposed to the elements so deterioration is minimal and the clean up process should not be difficult unless other conditions exist, such a previous coatings, tile, carpet glue, thin sets, etc. In these cases the preparation process can be quite challenging and it requires a pro with the proper tools.

When getting ready to apply acid stain, let your imagination fly, look at some the pictures on this web site to get some ideas and go with it. Turn that old concrete into a beautiful marble like surface, even cracks and divots may look good and add character to the surface so don't be discouraged about these minor issues, your floor will still look outstanding.

Living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens are ideal candidates for acid staining, even garage floors may look stunning with this product. Acid stained concrete floors are easy to maintain, do not require lots of work and most of the time mopping with the recommended cleaning compound will be enough.

What can you add to a floor? Most acid stain jobs are only one color but may add borders, score patterns into the concrete, create a checkerboard design, engrave logos and so much more, visit our gallery for more acid staining ideas.



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